“Oionos” Bird Omen

Humans have divinated and prophesied since our beginnings.   We have watched and interpreted signs brought to us by the natural world, so that we could see the future and behold our fate.  Animals would bring us messages and come to us in our dreams, visiting us in this world and other mythical realms.  And of all the creatures, birds being the most regarded and revered of such messengers.  So much so that the ancient Greek’s word for bird “oionos”  also meant “omen.” 

In this series, I explore both the personal and the mythological signs and messages that birds have gifted us.  Culling from my own dream world and the interpretation of mythological symbols and stories, I pay homage to our shamanistic roots, to our deep connection to the natural world and to the greater stories and visions that heal, transform, evolve, and remake us.